Rules of Survival PC Download

Rules of Survival is getting more and more popular through over the world, and it’s considered as the next successor of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds game. ROS was launched by NetEast Gamers, and it’s has been out for a while as a mobile app game. But today, you can also totally install it on your PC then join this Battle Royale game on a big screen with further challenges. Rules of Survival PC is free for download now, so make sure you grab a chance to install it on your own computer if you are into enjoying a new version.

Similar to PUBG game, ROS game also consists of combat and survival elements. These two elements are so important to contribute the success of the game. For the PC version, you will also have to undergo a savage battle where the death never stops chasing you down. Prepare your abilities and good tactics to jump into the arena of ROS game right now!

About Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival PC has just been released by NetEase Games, promising to bring an amazing experience to all players who are the big fans of this Battle Royale game. The game is all about a fierce battle in which survival is the main goal that everybody needs to obtain. You will surely get a familiar feeling when playing this RoS because it has lots of things in common with PUBG, however, this shouldn’t be a problem hindering you from playing the game, especially if you are the fan of PUBG.

When you first spawn into the arena, you will play against up to over 100 other players, so the chance for your survival is so small. You have to jump out of an airplane, use the parachute quickly to descend on a strange island. You are not armed with any weapons yet, so you must start to roam some location in order to get some, the gear yourself up before you engage in the combat. Every action needs to be done in a careful way because you have no time, and being hesitant is not good at all. Other players can get their own weapons very fast, then they will surely use them to get an edge over you. Once equipping yourself with full handy supplies, you will feel very confident to cope with the dangers.

The strategies for this combat are totally up to you! If you are an aggressive player, you should join the fight, employ your weapons wisely and ensure that you are the winner here, meaning all other enemies must die. But if you love to experience something idle, you can sit, do nothing and wait for the rivals to get rid of each other. But that doesn’t mean you won’t protect yourself! In fact, all you have to stay focused on this Battle Royale game is to defend yourself all the time regardless of engaging in the fight or not.

There is also a safe zone in the game, but it won’t stop getting smaller. It’s your job to survive in that restricted area and grab a chance to win. Other players will try to do something to keep them alive in the zone, you should start to attack them if you have a tactical play, if not, just make them fight against each other. Becoming the last man standing in this battle is a goal you have to achieve! If you get shot by a certain enemy, you will have to play the game from the very beginning once again.

In-game features

A fierce Battle Royale Combat: You will engage in a savage fight between online opponents, and it’s your job to become the last man standing. Do whatever you can in order to survive all dangers!

Solo or squad mode: You can become either a solitary survivor or a team member in a squad. Whichever mode you choose, make sure you will get past the challenges and defeat all enemies.

A wide range of weapon: ROS game features so many weapons for you to utilize. In addition, you can search for more gears, armors as well as lots of other handy equipment to help you beat the dangers and kill the opponents.

A vast map with unique 3D effects: The map in the game is so large, you need to decide where you land while parachuting and make sure that place has several abandoned buildings so that you can find more weapons.

Lots of vehicles to use: Finding vehicles is a crucial mission too. Once you get some, you should use them quickly to move faster or even chase down other enemies that are just using their feet to run. You can even use the vehicles to conquer some tough terrains too.

How to install and play RoS PC

There are two ways for installing RoS PC, including:

Straightly download it

You can freely download RoS PC directly to your computer following the link below. After downloading it, you will start to install it by clicking some steps.

Download and Install RoS PC

How to play PC version

  1. The controls of the PC version are completely not the same as the controls in the mobile version:
  2. To move your character, you must press keys W, A, S, D,
  3. To use a bag, just hit key B
  4. To shoot at the rivals, just click left mouse button.
  5. If you want to take a leap, you have to use the spacebar.
  6. Collect the items by using key Alt.
  7. Switch the weapons by using keys 1,2,3
  8. And if you want to view the map, just use key Caps Lock.

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