How to install Rules of Survival PC

Rules of Survival PC is available and free for download now. Grab a chance to explore the new version of this Battle Royale game for free. You will surely have a new experience when playing it on a big screen. Basically, there are no changes made to this PC version. It’s still the same as the mobile version in terms of gameplay mechanics, but the controls will be different!

If you want to play ROS game on PC, you need to install the mobile version on your device already. Open it on your device, get an access to a QR code option.

Launch the game on PC, then, you will start making it read that QR code so as to get an entry to this PC version.

As mentioned above, the controls for the PC version are completely different from the controls for mobile devices. Rather than just tapping on the screen to direct your character, now you must utilize some keys on the keyboard and mouse. In addition, the computer configuration must be powerful so as to launch the game.

Download Rules of Survival PC at here

Install Rules of Survival PC

Accept License Agreement

Click “Next” to Accept License Agreement

Information and Installation notes

Click “Next”. Information and Installation notes

Install Rules of Survival

Select location install Rules of Survival, then click “Next”

Create icon on desktop

Select Create icon on desktop or not. Click “Next”

Start install Rules of Survival

Finally, click “Install”

Login to Rules of Survival PC

Login to Rules of Survival

Open and login to Rules of Survival on your mobile device. Click “PC Login” to start scan QR code.

Rules of Survival PC code

Open Rules of Survival PC version on your PC (laptop) and use your mobile device scan this code.

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