Top Tips&Tricks To Solve Bad Game Performance In Rules of Survival Mobile

How to resolve the bad performance inside the Rules of Survival game

If you play Rules of Survival Mobile game and get troubles with the bad performance, please don’t throw your phone away! We will show you how to get the game running better.

How to resolve the bad performance inside the Rules of Survival game
  • Start Rules of Survival App again! Although it’s very simple, not too many people think of it. Actually, it’s extremely crucial in case you have just been playing your game for a while. It is the first and the easiest fix for sure. When you do that, your cache will be cleaned up and it will allow your graphics to work a bit smoother after a few games.
  • Quit other unnecessary apps! It’s also a useful tip to solve bad game performance in Rules of Survival Mobile while it will not really help the battery life of your device so much. It can be helpful for the RAM situation.
  • Besides, it’s recommended to lower the graphics quality. In such an exciting map, it will be great to enjoy Rules of Survival Download the survival game when it looks nicest. Nonetheless, you will encounter problems related to gaming performance when you don’t run the game on a high-quality phone. Therefore, you can operate your challenge faster once you sacrifice to turn down its nice graphics. Open the Settings and check off Power Saving! You will set it to Balance by default.
How to resolve the bad performance inside the Rules of Survival game 2


  • Rules of Survival updates are not useless because they will offer a method to escape from the game performance that you may not want to face. Please modernize your game! Aside from RoS guides, they will be released frequently. So, you can find them on the App Store or on Google Play even if your phone is established to automatically up to date apps. Furthermore, you can obtain unique items on special occasions.
  • It’s essential for everybody including you to know that sometimes it is not the hardware that’s the bug behind the unsatisfactory gaming experience in RoS. If you are a player who often suffers from a spotty data connection, you should notice how frequent slight connection drops look like a bad game performance. Moreover, make sure it is not!
  • If it’s feasible, you can access RoS Mobile on a powerful WiFi connection. It might be the most reasonable circumstance that you can play with. Obviously, you cannot implement it usually. Meanwhile, it is regarded as a straightforward trick to decide on whether or not your link is inflicting more difficulties to you than it’s worth of you are joining on the road. Similar to using a strong WiFi connection, you can try it on 3G. But, it’s fairly risky.
How to resolve the bad performance inside the Rules of Survival game 3

Please continue because we have other tips and hacks to deal with RoS poor game performance besides everything mentioned above!

  • Don’t forget to check that you’re on the proper server! Aside from the nearest server, you can pick a region in which you must not wait or queue to engage in the game you love. Remember to do the same when playing Rules of Survival PC!
  • Switching off the voice chat function in the Settings section will be the final point to fix the matter.

Of course, ways to troubleshoot Rules of Survival bad game performance listed are typical. If you are looking for anything to improve the current case, you can contact the developer through the store page. Your feedback can be heard and it will be good for them and even other survivors. If you pursue until the last step, you can connect to the game one more time and practice these tricks.

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